How big of a deal is data center cooling?

The largest data centers on the planet can house upwards of 12,000 server racks that require 100 megawatts of power each. Almost half of that power pull is due to cooling. Large or small, data centers require cooling systems that keep equipment functional and data secure. Temperatures that exceed 77-degrees Fahrenheit can be detrimental to

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How Does Energy Audit Differ From Energy Management?

Finding ways to increase energy efficiency and to lower utility bills has become a priority for a growing number of facility managers, businesses and commercial property owners. While efforts to curb energy usage can often have quite an impact, lacking the experience, understanding and insight needed to make effective decisions can be a major obstacle.

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Can a Furnace Repair San Jose CA Company Do Same-Day Repairs?

Like many homeowners, you probably don’t give your heater much thought until you actually need it. In the typical home, the furnace remains idle all throughout the months of spring and summer, and well into autumn. It’s only when outside temperatures plummet that most people even consider this equipment. Unfortunately, not only does this lead

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How Do the Different Types of Industrial Air Handlers Work?

An industrial air handling unit (AHU) is very much like the lungs of a facility. This device both regulates and circulates the indoor air as part of the building HVAC system. The AHU plays an important role in assisting heating, cooling, and ventilating systems in their role of providing clean, contaminate-free air that’s been brought

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What Unique Challenges Do Industrial HVAC Systems Face?

When the commercial HVAC system has a problem, the entire building has a problem and so does the business. A typical system consumes 10 to 30% of the building’s energy. Here are several issues to recognize when using an industrial HVAC system. Lifespan The lifespan of a heater or air conditioner is limited as with

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