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Company History

O.C. McDonald Company has been one of the Bay Area’s leading plumbing, process piping and HVAC contractors and service providers for over a century, making it the oldest such company in the valley.

Founded in 1906 in San Jose, California, O.C. McDonald installed the first air conditioning system in the city.

It was founded by Oren Charles McDonald in 1906 and is currently owned and run by Jim McDonald, the founder’s great grandson.

We are known for having excellent quality workmanship and have accomplished some of the most complicated installations in the valley.

We’ve built our reputation on combining old fashioned values with innovative technology; together, these provide our clients with consistent quality, excellent customer service and a contractor that is on time and on budget.

Contractors License

O.C. McDonald Company, Inc. is licensed to operate in the state of California.

Contractor’s License: 177271

License Classifications:

  • A1 General Engineering
  • B1 General Plumbing
  • C36 Plumbing
  • SC4 Boilers
  • SC 20 H.V.A.C.
  • SC 42 Sewage
  • SC 43 Sheet Metal

O.C. McDonald Company, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and to complying with all federal and state safety laws.

Following is a brief summary of the activities we promote to comply with our fundamental safety requirements.

A coordinator will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of our written safety program.

We have developed a disciplinary policy and take appropriate actions regarding employee compliance with established safe work practices and use of personal protective equipment. Our policy and disciplinary response is implemented in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner.

Our jobsite superintendents and foremen are required to see that safety and health information is communicated to the employees within your supervision.

Our jobsite inspection program is used to identify and control injury and illness hazards on the job.

Safety discrepancies noted during job site inspections or accident investigations will be followed up on and corrected. The time frame for corrections will be based on the priority level of the hazardous condition.

Accidents and when possible near misses incidents are investigated immediately by the supervisor or foreman of the injured worker. Preventive controls or follow up actions are noted. The job site superintendent and corporate safety director monitors follow through.

Employee training will be provided through routine toolbox safety meetings and scheduled training exercises. Additional training will be provided when unusual exposures will occur, before unique and non-routine tasks are performed and when unrecognized or unforeseen hazards become evident.

Tailgate or toolbox meetings will be conducted at least every ten working days.

A written code of safe work practices is reviewed with employees at the time of hire. The code is posted at each job site or the foreman has been provided a copy for review by all employees.

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