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O.C. McDonald Company utilizes state of the art 3D modeling software from AutoDesk.

Navisworks – allows us to assemble a virtual model and coordinate with other job contractors. This promotes the handling conflict resolution prior to actual construction. O.C McDonald offers services to help facilitate all aspects of the design process from preconstruction to economic analysis.

  • Preconstruction Services and Planning
  • Design Coordination and 3-D Modeling
  • California Code Compliance or Variances for all projects
  • Systems Evaluation/Comparison and Economic Analysis
  • Retrofits & Upgrades
  • LEED® Certification

Effective building controls are essential to the proper functioning of an air conditioning system. O.C. McDonald offers the appropriate tools to help maintain operational command and control. There are many options available; from a simple programmable thermostat to complex, software-driven Direct Digital Controls (DDC).

DDC controls have become a necessary component of contemporary HVAC systems that seek to achieve maximum energy efficiency. O.C. McDonald’s experience with these advanced systems have enabled us to provide effective solutions for organizations such as Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company, General Motors, Stanford University, and BAE Systems.

We combine our expertise with world class products (including Johnson Controls, Trane, Honeywell, and Cisco/RZ) to achieve reliable control for our clients.

O.C. McDonald’s professional service technicians and plumbers are located throughout Northern California, from Monterey to San Francisco to Walnut Creek. This lets us guarantee a two-hour response time for contract customers. After-hours and emergency HVAC services are dispatched via our live Client Care Consultants. We work hard to provide quality, accessible service to our customers.

O.C. McDonald’s technicians are expert systems problem-solvers. They bring advanced training, experience, engineering, and ingenuity to every situation. Our design-build retrofit solutions often have their beginning with the first service call. Our expertise can transform your inadequate or energy consuming systems into efficient, energy saving opportunities.

Preventive Maintenance is integral to saving money on costly equipment repair or untimely replacement. We work with our customers to structure regularly scheduled inspection and equipment maintenance services to keep their operations budgets in good shape.

Commissioning is a process that occurs as a new building/system is nearing completion. A systematic set of actions are taken to prepare for pre-start testing and startup. Data is collected on the performance of the equipment with specific application to the characteristics of each piece of machinery, it’s operational conditions, and interrelationship with other connected systems and controls.

O.C. McDonald has adapted the startup and guidelines established by the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors of North America (SMACNA), which is widely accepted for startup and commissioning in North America. We have successfully utilized the SMACNA startup and commissioning process for many of our high profile projects.

Retro-Commissioning is currently being employed on existing buildings that are operating inefficiently and at high energy consumption levels. Retro-Commissioning often pays for itself in a relatively short period of time when opportunities to utilize energy efficient strategies are put into place.

When you choose O.C. McDonald Co., you benefit from our years of Design/Build experience. From high-tech to office space to the medical field, we have engineers whose design-specific skills coincide with a diverse variety of mechanical and plumbing projects.

If you have a new construction or retrofit project in the works, O.C. McDonald has the skills and tools to design and build your facility. Depending on the nature of your construction, we’ll match you with an engineer who has the particular training and experience that you’re looking for. That way, you can be confident that the end result will meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

The size or scope of your building endeavor makes no difference to us. We’ve provided quality construction services to a variety of customers including The Inn at Spanish Bay, Happy Hollow Zoo, and NASA.

Call us to find out more about our capabilities and experience and how O.C. McDonald can meet your unique needs.

In order to keep quality high and cost down, O.C. McDonald has it’s own fabrication facilities for sheet metal, mechanical piping and high purity process piping. We have leveraged the benefits of computer aided processes from our estimating department on through to field installation. This allows us to efficiently coordinate, fabricate, deliver and install both sheet metal and mechanical piping on schedule with a high level of productivity and consistency.

O.C.’s fabrication facilities manufacture low, medium & high pressure duct systems, Industrial ductwork, welded rectangular and round duct, customized duct shapes, insulated ductwork, welded and grooved piping systems. We maintain the highest level of standards for clean room ready ductwork and piping.

We have the experience, knowledge and equipment suitable for all sheet metal fabricating projects from light gauge to large scale jobs that require heavy stock materials.

We are an American Society of Mechanical Engineers Pressure Piping (PP) code compliant shop.

O.C McDonald specializes in central plant construction and complex mechanical piping installations. We are an American Society of Mechanical Engineers Pressure Piping (PP) code compliant shop.

Our modern prefabrication pipe facilities linked to the industries leading software give us the edge over our competitors for commercial applications such as Hydronic Piping, Welded Systems, Grooved piping systems, DX Copper systems, Radiant piping systems.

By fabricating our own piping, we can ensure that we meet industry standards. It also allows us to coordinate our HVAC services from start to finish. That way, we’ll be able to complete the process on schedule.

If your project involves complicated mechanical piping, we’re the team to call. Our experienced contractors know how to design and install HVAC piping according to your specific needs. We’ll pay meticulous attention to detail at every step in the process. Once we’ve got everything in place, we’ll provide ongoing service to make sure your system continues to perform properly.

O.C. McDonald is committed to the increased adaptation of sustainable construction practices and reduction of the carbon footprint throughout the industry. We believe that green buildings are not only good for the environment but they also provide immediate and long term benefits not only to the developers and building owners but also the occupants of the building.

O.C. McDonald partners with the Leed project team from start to finish offering extensive in-house commissioning experience and full implementation of the owners commissioning plan. By minimizing HVAC Loads, selection of highly efficient chillers, utilizing rapid renewable resources, and recycling of construction materials O.C. McDonald is instrumental in helping reach the project Leed certification requirements whether it be Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

O.C. McDonald professional plumbers work regularly on all types of systems through out their day. These systems include medical gas to compressed air systems. Below is a small list of systems that our plumbers specialize in.

    • Fuel oil systems
    • Potable and non-potable water systems (Hot and Cold)
    • Natural gas systems
    • Medical gas systems
    • Oil and Grease waste systems
    • Acid waste systems
    • Double Contained waste systems
    • Compressed air systems
    • Sanitary waste and vent systems
    • Storm drainage systems
    • Recycled water systems

We understand that you depend on your plumbing systems working properly. From design and installation to maintenance and repair, we’ll provide you with meticulous, high-quality service. Throughout the valley, we have a reputation for providing superior workmanship to our customers.

We have a track record of successfully installing and servicing highly complicated systems. In recent years, we’ve worked on large-scale plumbing projects at the Regional Medical Center of San Jose and the Coastal Biology Building for the University of California at Santa Cruz. Our team of professionals are licensed to provide plumbing and sewage services in the state of California.

Our professional craftsman work regularly on all types of process plant systems throughout their day. We have the ability to design, fabricate and install process piping in order to bring your commercial project from design to complete working system. Our field crews have years of experience producing superior quality systems that are safe, durable and reliable. In addition to new systems, we provide repair, reworking and maintenance services to any existing piping.

Below is a partial list of process piping systems that our plumbers specialize in.

  • Solar facilities
  • Semi-conductor/Electronic facilities
  • Industrial Power facilities
  • Heavy Manufacturing facilities
  • Food and Beverage Preparation and Low Temp facilities
  • High Purity piping systems
  • Electronic Grade Water systems

O.C. McDonald Co., Inc. has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality service since 1906. As part of this service, we keep up with the latest technology regarding process pipe trends in order to be able to consistently deliver on our promise of excellence. Additionally, in our industry, safety is essential and we always maintain the highest standards.

No matter how complicated your industrial process piping needs may be, we handle each installation meticulously and expertly – and we complete the job on time and within budget.We work hard to facilitate the coordination process throughout any process piping contract so that installation is right the first time.

O.C. McDonald’s experienced and skilled mechanical sheet metal professionals fabricate and install all types of ductwork materials including galvanized, stainless steel, coated stainless, FRP, medium pressure or ATS MARK VIII Ducting. Our field crews are highly trained and skilled in manning all aspects of sheet metal installation projects.

Our ductwork is installed on projects ranging from educational facility retrofits to very complex semiconductor manufacturing facilities. All ductwork is fabricated to SMACNA and/or client project specification standards.

With computer processes in place that facilitate detailing, fabrication and installation, O.C. McDonald can support design flexibility and rapid response to the schedule demands of any industrial or commercial sheet metal project. We also handle the fabrication and installation of architectural sheet metal.

We are your complete source for custom sheet metal fabrication and installation for commercial and industrial exhaust systems and HVAC equipment. Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our expert consultants to discuss the custom sheet metal fabrication and installation options for your building space.


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