Can a Building Automation Contractor Customize the Systems for Your Unique Needs?

Having an automated building is more advantageous than having a manually set building. Opening heavy doors becomes less of a burden along with remembering to turn on the lights at night and lock the doors to private rooms. The investment is worthwhile if it increases the safety and efficiency of building management. Review more about a building automation contractor and how one can cater to your special construction needs.

Types of Building Automation Systems


The elevator is the most obvious automated feature of a multilevel building. Someone pushes a button and a sophisticated machine runs effortlessly, transporting large groups of people from one floor to another. The size of the elevator is important just as the design is, but the most important feature is its safety.


Escalators are less common than elevators and mainly found in shopping malls and very large multiplex buildings. Its purpose is a cross between an elevator and the stairs for people who don’t particularly enjoy taking either one. Its size, design and safety features are also important factors to consider.

Security System

Every professional building has a great security system with automated features and high-tech equipment. In an emergency, the doors need to close and lock automatically. Once it turns dark, the security lights need to turn on automatically. There are many features that must operate outside of human input.

Security guards are well trained in building security, but there are times when they forget to perform some of their tasks correctly. Another problem is that only one security guard is hired to oversee a large building with many doors and windows that need to be checked regularly.

What a Contractor Does

A building automation contractor ensures that automated systems and features are installed correctly and on time. A contractor works according to the client’s specifications, so he or she works on your schedule and within your budget. This professional also works on repairs and maintenance tasks that are required for your building to continue running efficiently. A contractor provides customization options that allow you to customize every feature you need, whether it’s automated security features for an escalator or motion detection security lights.

People tend to compare automated with non-automated buildings. Automation is more effective at increasing security and reducing human error. There is another comparison of standard vs. customized. Customized features tend to be safer and longer-lasting investments that every building owner should consider. But in the end, building control systems work only if the contractors who install these systems are thoroughly qualified. It’s important to find the right contractor to take on your design, repair or installation project. Learn more about your options by calling us today at 408-295-2182.

Should You Have an Ongoing Relationship with Your Building Automation Contractor?

Just as business owners focus on establishing long-term relationships with their clients, they must also develop healthy working relationships with their building automation contractors. Throughout the life of your air conditioning system, you’ll need to rely on dedicated professionals to help maintain your AC conditioning unit. By establishing a consistent relationship with your building automation contractor, you’ll be able to address any needs that may arise during and after your air conditioning system is installed.

Communication is key when establishing your initial relationship with your building automation contractor. Instead of taking a hands-off approach, making sure to connect with your automation contractor as it will make it easier for you to reach out in the future should something malfunction.

If you’re one of the many businesses that choose to use complex, technologically advanced, software-driven AC systems, it’s imperative to have an ongoing relationship with your contractor. By routinely checking in with your building contractor throughout the installation and maintenance process, you’ll be able to understand exactly how each part of your new system works. With a working relationship established, you can guarantee that your needs are met as the contractor installs your AC unit. By routinely checking in with your building contractor throughout the installation process, you’ll be able to understand exactly how each part of your new system works.

Building Relationships with Building Automation Contractors

In addition to establishing a positive relationship with your building automation contractor from the beginning, it’s important to maintain this relationship as they complete each job. Regardless of your area of expertise, getting to know the work of your building automation contractor will help you better understand the ins and outs of your AC system. This way, you’ll be able to pinpoint when anything is wrong, whether your AC needs routine maintenance or a little more hands-on repairs.

The fact of the matter is that business owners have a mutually beneficial relationship. Just as contractors work to keep their long-term clients happy with top-of-the-line air conditioning systems, business owners need to make sure their air conditioning units are always working properly.

Long after your air conditioning system is installed, it still needs regular maintenance and updates to work properly. In the event of a malfunction, inconsistent airflow, loss of efficiency, an increase in cooling costs, or a similar problem, you’ll be able to contact an AC specialist immediately to solve your issues. After spending years building a positive relationship with your building automation contractor, making a phone call will come easily. Ready to get started? Call us today at 408-295-2182.

How Will a Building Automation Installation Make Your Building More Efficient?

Perhaps you’ve thought about building automation before and wonder what it can do for you. By incorporating building automation into your place of business, you can streamline your business in several key ways, such as:

  • reduced energy consumption
  • fewer errors
  • time savings

Automation conserves energy by ensuring systems are active at the best possible times. While basic setups may have things like heating and cooling on simple timers, modern automation techniques allow for a host of advanced optimizations. In some cases, this increases a building’s efficiency even beyond its original energy specifications.

One of the biggest cost savings comes from, not only how much, but also the time of day when electricity is consumed. Software-based automation solutions can take advantage of a building’s natural ability to store thermal energy. By using clever balancing acts, they can distribute the demand for electricity further away from peak hours. This saves businesses money and allows power companies to produce more of their electricity from sustainable sources.

The ability to craft precise and detailed automation schedules also helps to prevent mistakes which may interfere with business operations. This could be as simple as detecting and alerting personnel to conflicting energy demands, such as a room being actively heated and cooled at the same time. Or it could be the reassurance of knowing that each room in the building will be comfortable for staff from the moment they show up for work. Or perhaps your business finds itself with unique scenarios when it’s crucial to craft the right environment at the right time. Automation gives your business a powerful means of staying agile and flexible from the ground up.

Automation Empowers Your Building to Work for You

While the immediate difference in energy savings is a crucial benefit of this technology, the benefits go far beyond just that. By implementing automation, you gain another valuable member of your team, who works hard to manage the minutia so that others don’t have to.

This frees your staff to focus on what they do best: tackling the most creative challenges that shape the way you do business. If you’re ready to explore your options, we’re here to help you find the right automation solutions for your business. Give us a call at 408-295-2182 and see what we can do for you!

How Soon Can a Commercial HVAC Mountain View Company Evaluate Your Building?

If you are looking for a professional Mountain View HVAC company to evaluate your building, you can find one that offers fast services. It is important to get in touch with a company that can help you right away so that your project can get started. There are a lot of details that go into a HVAC evaluation, and the right company can schedule an appointment with you as soon as you call them and tell them your needs.

An HVAC Evaluation Involves:
. Determining the right size unit or units for your building
. Making sure that ductwork can be run properly to ensure that every room of your building has adequate heating and cooling
. Determining your HVAC piping needs
. Providing a pricing estimate

Your Evaluation

Your HVAC evaluation should always be performed by knowledgeable and highly-skilled technicians who can provide you with the best services possible. It is important to work with a team of experienced professionals who can help you determine the right size unit or units for your building. A unit that is too tiny will be unable to heat or cool your entire building. A unit that is too large will use extra power and not be as efficient as it needs to be. Professionals will make sure that you have the best heating and cooling unit or units to meet your specific needs.

You can rely on a reputable company to figure out the best way to run your ductwork and metal piping. High-end materials will be used so that they will last for a long time to come. You want to be assured that your building’s work will be done right and that the company you hire can work around your schedule. You also want to make sure that the company you work with is can provide a pricing estimate upfront so that you know what to expect.

If you want to discover more information about getting an HVAC evaluation for your building, we are here to help you. Our team is standing by to provide you with fast and friendly services. If you want to get started, just call us at 408-295-2182 to discover more about all that we offer or to set up an appointment with us.

Is Hiring a Design/Build Mechanical Contractor More Efficient Than Breaking the Project Up?

There are many benefits to hiring a design and build mechanical contractor rather than just breaking the project up. It is important to think about all of the factors that go into hiring a company that works on multiple parts of a project. Different companies work in different ways, but you can expect the same level of excellence in all parts of your project when you hire one company to handle it all.

Benefits of Going With a Design and Build Mechanical Contractor:
. Great teamwork since you are dealing with one company
. Faster completion time
. Easier to change things if you need to

Have a Smooth Experience With a Design and Build Mechanical Contractor

When you hire one company to handle the design and building process for you, you can enjoy it. You can know that different teams will work together to complete your project for you in a smooth and easy way. When you deal with one reputable company for all of your needs, you can be certain that everything will be done right.

Since your company will have teams that are used to working together and providing excellent services, you can often experience a faster completion time. By hiring one professional company, you can enjoy having everything done to the standards that you expect. When you need your project completed by a certain time, you can count on a reputable company to be able to meet your needs. Instead of working with a bunch of different companies, you can have peace of mind when hiring one good company to handle your design and build.

Another perk to hiring one design and build mechanical contractor is that you can make changes easily. Instead of having to get in touch with several people when you need to make a change, you can get in touch with your contractor and know that everything will be resolved. When you choose to go with an experienced company, you can know that your design and build will turn out just the way that you want it to.

Hiring a design and build mechanical contractor can make your life easier. To get in touch with a company you can trusts, give us a call. You can reach us at 408-295-2182.

How Can a Plumbing Maintenance Contract Save You Money Down the Road?

Owning a home is a great thing, but with that comes great responsibility. Your home will need regular routine maintenance and repairs. If you do not keep your home up, it could lead to extremely costly repairs and extensive damage to your home.

One of the best ways to protect your home is to get a plumbing maintenance contract. A plumbing maintenance contract will help prevent issues with your plumbing, helping you to avoid costly repairs. Over time, your plumbing equipment may wear down. For example, you may have a pipe that is slowly leaking up under your house. This leaking pipe can cause an extreme amount of damage. Rotting floors, joists, and causing mold build-up. When you have a maintenance agreement, the plumber will look for these issues. Having proper routine maintenance can help to extend the life of your plumbing equipment. Equipment like your hot water heater, sump pump, and faucets can all be serviced during this yearly service agreement.

What is Included in A Plumbing Maintenance Agreement?

During your yearly plumbing maintenance check, the following will be addressed:


Inspect toilets for leaks.
Inspect shower faucets and sink faucets for leaks.
Inspect cabinets for leaks.
Check for any clogs in the shower/bathtub and toilet.
Ensure that the toilet is functioning properly.
Check water pressure.

Inspect the faucets for any issue and proper water pressure.
Check for any clogs.
Check for leaks under the cabinet.
Check out the dishwasher for any leaks and clogs.

Outside the home:

Check the sump pump and discharge the lines.
Check gas riser and meter if the home has gas.
Check hose connections.
Check outside water for any leaks.

What Happens Next?

After the above steps are complete, the plumber will also inspect the rest of the house plumbing for leaks as well as inspect any gas lines to the home. He or she will then flush the hot water heater as it builds up with sediment. They will also check out the hot water heater thoroughly to ensure that there are no issues with functionality.

A plumbing maintenance agreement is a great way for you to save money while ensuring the proper function of your plumbing. Doing this will help to prevent issues, and if there is a need for repair, it can be done before the issue becomes a larger issue. If you want to learn more about a plumbing maintenance agreement, call O.C. McDonald today at 408-295-2182. We are happy to help you with all of your plumbing needs.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Different Industrial Process Piping Materials?

Industrial pipes must be strong and durable enough to last for decades of regular use. These pipes are built into walls inside of houses, installed underground or built alongside commercial buildings. It’s necessary for the construction materials to meet industry standards. There are a number of benefits and risks that are attached to using different piping materials.


Copper is strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. It is a popular material used to build plumbing pipes in homes and commercial buildings. It was a standard for construction materials until the manufacture of plastics. Copper does not rust, but it can freeze and burst in freezing temperatures. Under certain circumstances, this material can bend or corrode and pollute the water.

Galvanized Iron

Like copper, iron is another piping material that has been used for centuries. Galvanized iron is made by coating zinc onto the surface to prevent corrosion. The iron is suitable for outdoor pipes that are exposed to a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. Like other types of piping materials, corrosion is inevitable after several decades.


PEX is made from cross-linked polyethylene that is stronger and safer than PVC. The popularity of PEX piping has increased since the 1980s, and it’s now considered to be a standard for construction materials. PEX is highly resistant to scratching and cracking that causes pipes to leak. The stronger the cross linking is, the greater the resistant to very high or low temperatures.

On the other hand, PEX pipes is designed for indoor and not outdoor use. This material is still able to break down in very cold or hot conditions. In addition, some rodents may gnaw on the pipes and contribute to leakage.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a widely used industrial piping material that is made in rigid or flexible forms. The hard form of this synthetic plastic is used to construct pipes and window frames along with bottles and food packages. The material is strong and flexible, so it’s ideal for pipes that must expand to sustain different levels of water pressure.

However, PVC is known for being toxic and leaching hazardous chemicals into food or drinking water. Its production involves the release of poisonous chlorine gases into the air and water. This causes the potential for health problems in people and animals.

Every type of industry needs stable piping. This is because every home or building uses pipes to transport water for basic living needs. Copper has been the most popular type of material used, but it’s being replaced by plastics. No piping material is the best since each one has numerous benefits and risks to consider. Consider the best options that will work for your installation or renovation project. Contact us at 408-295-2182 or visit our website to get started on your project.

Will Process Piping Contractors Handle the Entire Industrial Process Piping Project?

When you need feedstock, byproducts, or actual product moved from place to place, choosing their right process piping contractors is key for obtaining a seamless, safe, and truly reliable delivery system. Unfortunately, however, many of the companies that work within this industry are incapable of handling entire process piping projects on their own, particularly when high levels of customization are required.

There are numerous drawbacks in opting to work with entities that regularly outsource most or all of what they’re contracted to do. For instance, having additional companies on the job can result in:

  • Frustrating labor-related delays
  • Problems with materials supply and materials delivery
  • Elevated projected costs
  • Extended completion times
  • Lower levels of quality control

For these and other reasons, it’s generally best to align yourself with experienced professionals who possess the skills, equipment, and abilities for handling everything in-house. The top providers for any process piping project will be able to handle single-source design, the fabrication of the desired system, and the complete installation of the piping setup without the need to hire secondary service providers.

Identifying The Best Process Piping Professionals For Your Next Project

Work history and overall experience are two of the most critical factors to consider when hiring metal fabricators of any type. You should look for companies that are capable of handling delivery systems for a broad range of products, byproducts, and other elements. They should have experience in designing systems for the transport of:

  • Chemicals
  • Water (at varying temperatures)
  • Gas
  • Compressed air
  • Oil
  • Starch lines
  • Condensate return
  • Steam
  • Thermal and Dow heat transfer fluids

They’ll also have experience in working with companies across many different industries, as well as the ability to work with different material types. These include galvanized and carbon steel, ductile iron, copper, PVC, stainless steel, food-grade piping, and many others.

Protect Your Business With Single-Source Process Piping Solutions

The benefits of investing in single-source services for your process piping system are both numerous and widespread. In addition to ensuring higher levels of quality control, it will also be much easier to ensure federal and state safety compliance. This will prevent you from getting results that cause safety issues during the install process or immediately after.

While many companies are in the habit of outsourcing multiple aspects of these projects, the top professionals are able to handle each job from end to end, without having to rely on any secondary service providers. Are you ready to start your process piping project? Get in touch with us today at 408-295-2182.

Does Sheet Metal for Ductwork Differ from Other Sheet Metal?

Manufacturers construct sheet metal out of a few different types of material. Galvanized is the most common one we hear of because it’s used in the forming of HVAC ductwork systems. You’ll also hear of iron, stainless steel, or laminated steel. These metals are more typical with parts created for the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Besides ductwork, we use sheet metal in various:

  • Machining parts
  • Body panels on vehicles
  • Toolboxes
  • Transformers

You can find pieces created from sheet metal in airplanes, military vehicles, railroad cars, holding tanks, and even in electrical components. Sheet metal is found in just about any industry.

Differences between Galvanized sheet metal and other metals

Galvanized metal is dipped in a coating of a specially formulated zinc mixture to help protect the steel from corrosion. Ductwork pipes and fittings are exposed to some moisture, so care must be taken to ensure rust doesn’t occur within the HVAC system. If it did, the duct pieces would fail as air would be allowed to escape, causing the heating/cooling appliance to work harder than necessary to reach the desired air temp in the home. This would cause the unit to have a shorter life span, as well as cost you more money on your energy bills.

Other materials, like stainless steel, can also be corrosive-free, but it’s not feasible to use them for ductwork due to the costs of production and its lack of pliability. Galvanized metal is more cost-efficient and its material works perfect for forming into specially designed elbows bent to certain measurements of degrees. It can also manufacture it to the right gauge for a ductwork application, which is why galvanized metal is the number one choice for HVAC systems.

Forming galvanized sheet metal into ductwork pipes and fittings takes a certain skill and knowledge for the correct shapes. Proper measurements are necessary for the pieces to work efficiently. Bends need to be at the right angles, and all pieces need to fit together snugly. If anything is just a tad bit off, the duct system won’t work properly and it could cost you more money down the road. We offer high-quality ductwork pipe fabrication services to ensure you get the most efficient air vent duct system possible for your heating/cooling unit. For more information about ductwork sheet metal or to have an order of fittings filled call us at 408-295-2182.

Why Should You Call a San Jose Plumber Instead of Trying to Fix Your Leak Yourself?

There are many good reasons to call a qualified San Jose plumber instead of trying to fix a leak yourself. By dealing with a professional company, you can have peace of mind that your plumbing needs are going to be taken care of. Professionals will know exactly what to do to resolve your issues so that you can avoid water damage and other secondary problems like mold from occurring. A professional can be a smart investment that saves you time and money.

Professionals Offer:
. The right tools and equipment
. Quick results
. Reliable results
. Avoid unnecessary problems
. Cheaper to fix problems the first time

Professionals Have All You Need

When you call a professional company, you can be certain that they will have the right tools and equipment needed to get the job done. This will help them to be able to get the job done faster and more accurate than someone who is just using what they have around the house to fix a leak. Professionals can make sure that your leak problems are taken care of quickly and easily so that you can get back to your normal routine.

When you hire a professional, you can be sure that they will be able to provide reliable results. Deal with a company that is licensed, insured, and experienced so that you can be certain that your plumbing leaks can be taken care of properly.

If you try to fix a leak, you could run into more problems. By hiring a professional who knows exactly how to diagnose and resolve leak issues, you can avoid having unnecessary problems occur because a leak wasn’t fixed correctly. It is always cheaper to fix problems right the first time. If you do not, you will have to redo the work later on properly and pay to fix any additional problems.

Water damage and mold can end up costing a fortune to resolve if it is not taken care of quickly. The best solution will be to let a professional fix any leaks you have around your home to avoid water damage and mold from occurring in the first place.

If you have a leak, give us a call. We are here to help and provide stress-free results. Call us now at 408-295-2182 for fast and reliable services that you can trust.