Can a Building Automation Company Help Save Energy Costs?

Building automation is when a building’s HVAC system is automated through a diverse centralized management system. This management system is made up of microprocessors that connect to the centralized unit through a hardwired or wireless connection. Automated commercial units typically run through four different digital processes:

  • direct digital controlling
  • predictive technology
  • cloud-based computing
  • feature customization

These automated systems can either be installed during the construction process of commercial properties, or they can be installed later through retrofitting. Those who manage corporate facilities can save thousands of dollars annually due to how energy-efficient and sustainable these automated systems are.

The main way that building automation provides property owners with a reduction in energy costs can be traced back to increased monitoring. Every building automation system contains meters and sensors that detect when parts of the HVAC system aren’t functioning properly. It can also identify parts of the unit that are experiencing abnormally high-stress levels that need to be addressed. The ability to identify and repair these issues promptly will minimize the need for larger repairs in the future, or replacing the system altogether.

Saving Money Through Sustainability Incentives

Another exciting way to reduce your energy costs through building automation is with incentives. For instance, the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit provides tax breaks to companies that utilize systems that promote sustainability. Corporations that use these automated systems may also qualify for the Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (179D). The 179D gives a tax deduction opportunity for businesses that have installed energy-efficient units within their facility. For buildings that are still in the planning stages, most contractors can adhere to specific guidelines when constructing commercial buildings so that the HVAC systems comply with the efficiency standards in these tax deductions.

Introducing building automation into your commercial facility will not only help reduce your energy bill on a month-to-month basis, but the annual incentives will end up cutting your tax costs at the end of the year. Maintaining corporate properties can be quite costly in terms of both time and money, but the sustainability associated with these automated HVAC systems will help in every area. Call our team of professionals at (408) 295-2182 to see how O.C. McDonald can help you.

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