Why are Computer Labs Air Conditioned?

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Modern computer labs require special air content that is free of unwanted contaminants. The whirring fans and overly hot processors need air control to a higher degree than what is found in an everyday business setting. For this reason, the machines in a computer lab should have special treatment for their environment.

Dust is one of the three enemies of electronic equipment

Taking into consideration that a computer lab needs extra tight quality control, one thing that is a mortal enemy of computers is dust. The other two enemies are heat and vibration. For a computer lab that has strenuous requirements for testing, the fans just can not be contaminated with dust. Not only does dust make things dirty, when it lands on small electrical parts, it will raise their temperature. The dust acts as an insulator, keeping air from cooling the part. Since microprocessors are already running hot, adding dust to the equation is simply prohibited. Air conditioning, especially with a filter, is needed to provide cool clean air, bypassing the problem of unintended heating because of dust.

Computer labs can have higher levels of heat over comparably-sized rooms

The heat that a small computer lab has is concentrated, plentiful and bothersome. For controlled laboratory testing with software that puts the computers through stress tests, this heat must be eliminated. While some places channel the heat to rooms or buildings that need it, this is not going to be the case during the summer months. The high levels of heat have to be dealt with to not cook the students or scientists at work. The computers themselves will also have shorter lifespans if they are subject to an overabundance of heat.

One surprising fact about lab computers

Each computer in a computer lab uses around 240 watts of energy. Is that a lot? In incandescent light bulbs, the same amount of energy would be equal to 2.4 100 watt bulbs. It is impossible to touch an incandescent light bulb that puts out that much heat energy. A computer lab may have 16 to 20 computer stations. This is equal to 39 to 48 100 watt light bulbs. This is too much heat and it has to be dealt with.

Computer labs are testing grounds for software

Because the adverse effect of heat can not be a negative factor for testing software, air conditioners are indispensable for computer labs. The software will not likely be used in a high-heat office or home. It is likely to be used on one computer by itself. The testing environment needs to match the environment of the future customer. For this reason, the air must be kept cool in the lab, to accurately parallel how the software will be used on future computers. Call us at 408-295-2182.

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