How Do You Replace an AC Compressor?

With HVAC units playing an essential role in our lives, it makes total sense trying to understand how they operate and most importantly, being well versed with installing and replacing an AC compressor. An AC Compressor basically serves as an integral component of your air conditioning system by ensuring a consistent flow of refrigerant gas. Over time, your AC Compressor is bound to fail due to wear and tear and experiencing fluctuating air conditioning should be a tell-tale sign that everything isn’t well.

Not only that, but uncharacteristically high sounds coupled with chattering bearings are also a major indicator that your AC compressor needs urgent replacement. Before forking out your hard-earned money, here are a few pointers that you need to get acquainted with.

How to Replace an AC Compressor

Before making any substantial purchase, it’s advisable to confirm whether the compressor still operates at peak levels by evaluating the outgoing temperatures from your air-conditioning system. If its operations are deemed to be deviating from the norm, then it’s high time to replace your compressor.

Identify an Ideal Model

Purchasing an ideal AC Compressor can be a daunting task especially for novice HVAC owners. Before making any purchase, it’s imperative to ascertain that your designated model coincides with your current unit. After all, it doesn’t make sense spending ludicrous finances on the wrong AC compressor. To avoid falling victim to this type of problem, kindly go through the instructions printed on the manual.

Turn Off the Power Supply

As a precautionary measure, it’s paramount to turn off the main electrical supply connection that can result in substantial injury. Whether you’ve hired a seasoned expert or decided to do it by yourself, ensure that the connection to the power supply is terminated during the replacement period.

Remove the Refrigerant with Precision

Having opened the cooling system, you need to exercise utmost caution when removing the refrigerant to avoid spillage. This precautionary principle stems from an environmental compliance protocol that demands the acquisition of outgoing refrigerant into a storage cylinder before the AC compressor can be replaced.

Terminate Refrigerant Lines

Cutting off the refrigerant line is an essential guideline that must be considered before extracting the outdated AC compressor. Since the AC compressor is often located outside, you can still use the manual as a reference to tracing its exact location.

Unscrew the Dilapidated Compressor

Before installing the brand new AC compressor, you must first unbolt the air conditioner’s compressor by removing the housing attached to it. While the AC compressor often comes with a single screw, you must consider adopting this standard setup commonly used for holding both the high and low-pressure lines.

Attach the new Compressor

The brand new compressor must be fixed within the condenser unit with the aid of mounting bolts. Reconnect the refrigerant lines as previously done while ensuring that all other coils have been replaced as well.

Reassemble the Unit

Having completed every task with precision, ensure that your connection to the power source is restored and ascertaining that the air conditioning is operating at peak levels once again.

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What are some signs that your home or other building needs heating repairs?

During the colder winter months of the year, it is important to have a heater that isn’t going to break down. There is nothing like running into your home on a cold night to only be met with a temperature that is just as cold as it is outside. It is important to understand the signs that your heater may need repair. This can help you avoid a costly replacement of your entire heater later down the line.

Your heating bill is going up

If you are paying too much for your heating bill, this means that your heater is not working efficiently. You may just need to tune up your heater to lower your utility costs. However, there could be some repairs that need to be taken care of. It is important to consult with a heating professional to determine why your heating bill is so high. This could help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in heating bills over the winter months.

Odd noises are coming from your vents

That strange bump that you hear in the night probably isn’t ghosts or intruders. Instead, it could be a sign that your heater is not working properly anymore. It is important to get to the bottom of these clunky, scratchy, or strange noises that are coming from your vents.

It is hard to ever get your home warm enough

If it is hard to get your home warm enough even when you are cranking up your thermostat, you might have some repairs that need to be done on your heater. The thermostat in your home may also need to be upgraded or repaired if you are having this issue.

Your air seems dusty and unclean

Sneezing and coughing is something that just seems to happen during the winter months. However, if this is happening more often in your home, you could have a heater that isn’t filtering particles out of your warm air. If you are noticing that you are coughing and sneezing when you turn the heater on, you should change your heater’s air filter. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it is a good idea to contact a heating professional to see if there are other problems with your heater.

When you notice that your heater might be in need of repair, give 408-295-2182 a call to speak with a heating professional today. They will be able to look at your heater and see if there are any repairs that need to be taken care of.

What Are 5 Aspects Of Your Building That Can Be Improved Through Building Automation?

Building automation has remarkably transformed real estate investment beyond unprecedented levels. While most investors considered it to be an expensive affair especially for small and mid-size construction projects, the inception of IoT technology has drastically alleviated the financial burden regardless of your building’s size. With this type of innovative technology, entrepreneurs and investors need to get acquainted with how it works and its substantial benefits.

At its core, building automation serves an innovative management system that allows remote monitoring and optimization of an apartment’s systems with a precise focus on plumbing, lighting and HVAC systems. As a real estate developer, here are a few aspects of your building that can be optimized through building automation.

5 Aspects of Your Building That Can Be Improved Through Building Automation

Reduced Energy Costs

Installing a building automation system has the unique benefit of substantially reducing your energy costs. For starters, you can pre-program your heating and cooling setting to begin operations at your designated time. This feature promotes an enhanced level of comfort by ensuring that the prevailing temperatures do not affect your daily chores. Not only that, you will be in complete control of your building’s lighting system meaning that you can shut it off any time. It’s a no-brainer that building automation systems save on energy costs compared to the conventional means.

Unrivaled Comfort

It’s every homeowner’s dream to experience unrivaled comfort when living in their new home. With the building automation system, you can regulate temperatures and security features to your tailored tastes to attain the penultimate level of comfort in your apartment. By installing this innovative system, your tenants need not worry about experiencing nail-biting cold during winter. After all, the building’s heating system can be programmed to disseminate warm temperatures before they arrive home. This remarkable improvement significantly boosts productivity for hard-working employees and students.

Live Updates

Building automation systems are uniquely designed on cloud-based and wireless transmission. This means that you can monitor your building’s status and performance at any time from any location via the web. More importantly, this system allows prompt identification of leaking pipes and proposes swift recommendations to restore your plumbing to optimal efficiency.

Advanced Plug Control Features

Electrical outlets have become common features in modern buildings based on their extensive supply. While such outlets are designed to meet the high power needs of consumers. More often than not, these electrical outlets also consume substantial power when shut off but surprisingly plugged in the outlet. By installing a building automation system, you can identify plug loads and switch them off automatically.

Advanced Security

Building automation systems have drastically improved security by initiating prompt responses to alarms. The best part is that the building automation system can be programmed to notify your security personnel to react in time and apprehend perpetrators.

O.C. McDonald in Brief

At O.C. McDonald, we are privileged to have a seasoned team of professionals adept at installing building automation systems with precision. With their assistance, they can guide you on identifying an ideal brand tailored to your specific tastes. Feel free to contact us today at 408-295-2182 and let us help you to make an informed decision.

What Types Of Air Conditioning Will You Need If You Live In San Jose?

San Jose undoubtedly offers a unique living experience characterized by warm temperatures during summer and surprisingly cold temperatures in winter. Whether you are a seasoned or novice homeowner in San Jose, comprehending and thriving in both seasons can pay off in more ways than you can imagine with the aid of an ideal HVAC unit. From enjoying the sunny weather pursuing outdoor activities to braving the cold nights indoors doing productive work, the right HVAC unit can make the ultimate difference in your living experience in San Jose. Before dipping into your wallet and purchasing a specific model, here are a few pointers that you must consider.

Types of Air Conditioners That You Need To Know

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners offer a remarkable option to homeowners in need of experiencing the much-needed coolness in their homes. These models operate by emitting cool air through the duct vents in their home interiors. Unlike other types, central air conditioners are controlled by the main thermostat that regulates the ideal temperature within your home.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are essentially mobile units that barely need any predetermined installation points. Based on their compact nature, they have become popular models in homes characterized by adequate humidity levels. Portable air conditioners are mainly used as supplements to an existing central air conditioner.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are often located by the window and supported by a metal board or piece of wood protruding from the window. With a simple plug to an existing electrical outlet in your house, your window air conditioner is operational from the onset.

Central air conditioners are predominantly the main form of air conditioning in corporate offices while window air conditioners are progressively becoming a household name. Central air conditioners aren’t just confined to corporate offices but also garnered substantial popularity in residential homes as well. With the real estate market booming beyond unprecedented levels, purchasing a home with an ideal air conditioner must be considered with the utmost priority.

If you are in the market for a condominium then you need to pay extra attention to the presence of built-in air conditioners. Most apartments barely install built-in air conditioners which definitely mean that purchasing one will become an urgent task. Before settling on any specific model, it’s imperative to consider a few guidelines crucial in helping you make an informed decision.

Your Home’s Size

Your home’s physical space plays an essential role in the choice of air conditioner purchased. If you are currently living in a modest home, then purchasing the window option would be the best option to optimize on the available space.

Utility Options

Centralized air conditioners provide sufficient heating and cooling services in the entire house regardless of the number of rooms used. This contributes to a negative effect by providing similar temperatures throughout your house regardless of its need. On the other hand, a window air conditioner can be switched off upon exiting the room.

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When Do You Need to Replace Your AC Compressor?

Your air conditioner’s compressor is a main component of your outside unit. If it breaks down, it is a major repair that comes with several big considerations. Many people believe that if your compressor breaks down, you need to replace your entire system. However, this is not always the case.

First, let’s go over a few signs that your AC compressor is failing, and then we can determine whether your compressor needs to be replaced or whether you should opt for a completely new system.

These are a few signs that your compressor is on its last legs:

  • Warm Air From Vents – A dying compressor cannot pump refrigerant adequately. If you are experiencing this symptom and no other, make sure your AC technician checks for a refrigerant leak to rule that out.
  • Vibrating Unit Upon Startup – Known as a hard start, this is typically something you see right before a complete compressor failure.
  • Frequently Tripping Breaker – A compressor that is having trouble starting is likely to trip a breaker. However, since there are many reasons your breaker could be tripping, it should really only be regarded as a sign in conjunction with other signs.
  • Rumbling Noise – This might indicate that an important component is loose within the motor.

Also, consider how old your AC unit is. If it is over 12 years old, a compressor failure is not unheard of. It is particularly likely if the unit is over 20 years old or has not had regular maintenance.

Which Should You Replace: Compressor or Entire Unit?

You should look into getting just a compressor replacement if that part is still under warranty. If you have already had multiple parts recently replaced, and your HVAC technician can give the rest of your system a clean bill of health, then a total replacement is probably not necessary. A circumstance that warrants a complete replacement is if the entire system is aging and won’t last very long. Two installations are going to be a bigger cost than having it done all in one go.

There are many other factors as well, so these considerations might be hard to determine by yourself. We’re here to help! Call us at 408-295-2182 to schedule a professional inspection.

What Are Some Reasons You Might Need a Furnace Repair Contractor?

As a business owner specializing in industrial manufacturing and construction processes, it’s imperative to ensure that all your pieces of equipment and appliances operate in optimal conditions. With your equipment operating in prime condition, you can rest assured knowing that productivity is maintained and earning substantial profits is nothing short of the expected norm.

However, most business owners hardly maintain their furnaces in top notch condition despite serving as an essential component in daily business operations. While every furnace is susceptible to exhibiting waning performance signs, you might want to detect such signs much earlier to avoid spending a fortune with replacement down the road. Here are a few reasons you need a furnace repair contractor before dipping into your wallet.

Signs That Your Furnace Needs Urgent Repairs

Consistent Foul Odor

Furnaces are widely known for disseminating certain smells based on the exact type of fuel used. Such odors often subside over time but abnormally pungent odors emanating from your unit are tell-tale signs that your furnace isn’t operating in prime efficacy. These pungent odors can be attributed to undetected gas leaks from the furnace. In such a case, promptly get in touch with an HVAC expert to remedy the problem with precision.

Inadequate Heating

Furnaces are precisely built to provide consistent heating for both residential and commercial purposes. If your furnace isn’t producing enough heat as it should, then it definitely needs repairs regardless of its thermostat readings. Inadequate heating is often attributed to leaking duct tapes and defective thermostats that inaccurately transfer information to the furnace.

Dirty Air Filters

If your furnace exhibits clogged air filters, then operating at optimal levels can be a tall order when trying to circumvent reduced airflow. With clogged air filters, energy consumption and power bills will undoubtedly shoot up beyond the norm. Not only that, clogged air filters have a detrimental effect by introducing foreign particles that can adversely affect the quality of your final product.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light

Every furnace possesses a pilot light that regulates its performance depending on its current light emission. Blue color signifies that your furnace isn’t just healthy but operating as expected. However, yellow or red color is indicative that your furnace is experiencing a ventilation problem that needs urgent repair.

Faulty Carbon Monoxide Detector

With the advent in technology, manufacturers have developed high-quality furnaces by installing a carbon-monoxide detector uniquely designed to inform you of the presence of lethal gases. When the detector constantly rings, you must turn your furnace off and ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in the workplace. Afterward, hire a reliable contractor to ascertain the source of the problem and advise on the way forward.

What we do at O.C. McDonald

At O.C. McDonald, we are privileged to have a seasoned team of contractors adept at fixing and replacing worn out furnaces with precision. Their exceptional expertise and tons of experience in identifying common problems associated with furnaces have made us a firm favorite in the business. If your furnace is exhibiting the described signs or more, feel free to contact us at 408-295-2182 and learn how we can restore your furnace to its former glory.

What Services Can a Furnace Repair Contractor Provide In Santa Clara?

Success in the construction and industrial manufacturing business is widely dependent on having a seasoned team showcasing their exceptional skills and high-quality pieces of equipment. Together, this synergistic partnership can yield astronomical results crucial in dominating the industry. With the furnace serving as the backbone to this complex business, it makes total sense prioritizing on its optimal efficacy and making prompt repairs whenever it breaks down.

Just like any other machine, your furnace will undoubtedly break down due to wear and tear over time and hiring an ideal contractor can spell the difference between resuming to normalcy or getting stranded due to mechanical issues. Before reaching for your contact list and calling your specific contractor, here are a few pointers that you need to consider.

Services Offered By a Furnace Repair Contractor in Santa Clara

Furnace Installations

A seasoned furnace repair contractor essentially serves as a jack-of-all-trades by offering a multitude of HVAC services beyond furnace repairs. Besides conducting repairs, a proficient furnace repair contractor is uniquely qualified to conduct furnace installations with finesse. While furnaces are not designed to operate indefinitely but break down over time, your contractor should be well versed with detecting various tell-tale signs regarding your dilapidated model. Signs spanning across abnormally high consistent sounds, unreliable thermostat readings and strange odors definitely signal an urgent replacement of your furnace.

Heating Installations

Serving the needs of large industrial businesses require more than just installing a furnace to keep operations at optimal efficacy. To meet the alternative needs, business owners must install additional heater appliances to curb the winter temperatures commonly experienced between December and February. Such appliances play an essential role in keeping your employees warm enough to execute duties as required and attain set goals and objectives.

Heaters have a tendency of waning over time just like most machines and servicing constant maintenance can be much more expensive compared to purchasing a new one. When such costs spiral out of control, be prepared to purchase new heaters to restore operations to normalcy and achieve peak efficiency.

Heater Repairs

Not every heater defect warrants immediate replacement especially when the unit is barely enough to demand replacement. Under the insightful assistance of a seasoned contractor, they shall diligently scrutinize each defect and recommend appropriate solutions tailored at restoring your heater to its former glory.

Boiler Services

With technology breaking new grounds daily, industrial manufacturers have been at the forefront in installing boilers to cater to the heating needs of their water supply. Despite their exceptional reputation as efficient appliances, they occasionally fall victim to wear and tear and urgent repairs must be administered under the keen expertise of seasoned furnace repair contractors.

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At O.C. McDonald, we have consistently harnessed our craft to deliver a diverse range of heating and cooling services. Our high-quality and professional workmanship have enabled us to provide water heaters, humidifiers, exhaust fans and much more. Feel free to contact us today at 408-295-2182 and learn how we can provide unmatched heating and cooling services for your business.

What Services Do San Jose Plumbers Provide?

As a business owner, you’ve probably experienced a multitude of plumbing challenges affecting your business in more ways than you can imagine. From clogged pipes to leaking faucets, such problems not only pose significant health challenges but also render smooth business transactions a quagmire to complete with precision. While you could solve a few problems without much guidance, you might want to take a step back and let the experts showcase their exemplary skills.

As a novice in the plumbing industry, it’s quite common to experience a multitude of challenges obtaining ideal services offered by seasoned plumbers. To avoid incurring unnecessary expenses and needless headaches, here are few plumbing services you should get acquainted with before contacting a seasoned expert.

Top Services Offered By San Jose Plumbers

Commercial Plumbing Repairs and Replacement

As the entrepreneur to a booming business, you might have experienced obnoxiously high water bills, slow drains or even loose faucets that could easily flood your employees’ work space. When such symptoms occur, it’s high time to contact a seasoned expert to conduct thorough plumbing repairs. When you replace faulty faucets, you instantly reinvent their face lift and subsequently save substantial finances and water in the long run.

Drain Repair and Replacement

If your drainage system persistently gives you headaches, then it’s high time to replace it. Clogged drains can set you back in more ways than you can imagine. Not only can they contribute to slow-draining tubs but also lead to plumbing corrosion over time. Rather than wait for the subsequent sewage leaks to wreak havoc on your plumbing system, you might want to replace such faulty pipes with modern models to enjoy a stress-free drainage.
By regularly cleaning your drains, you can rest assured knowing that foul orders emanating from food particles and adverse plumbing emergencies will be concerns of the past.

Water Heaters

It’s quite common for large businesses to harness hot water for various industrial processes. Often, waiting for hot water to optimize various projects is widely considered to contribute to a ballooning energy bill. As such, you might want to develop a hot water recirculating system to not only conserve water but energy as well.

At O.C McDonald, we have developed a reputation for going above and beyond to deliver unrivaled services to our diverse clientele. From commercial and residential plumbing to industrial heating and cooling systems, we are privileged to have a seasoned team keen on providing exceptional services tailored to your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 408-295-2182 and learn how our affordable and impeccable services will restore your plumbing and drainage systems to optimal efficiency.

How A Silicone Heating Pad Works

Silicone heating pads consist of a metal heating element, attached to coated power leads, between two thin sheets of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is tough, light, and thin ― usually 2 or 3 millimeters thick ― and its lack of reactivity makes it resistant to moisture and chemicals. Low thermal mass and superb electrical insulation allow silicone heaters a high power density and rapid reactions to temperature controllers. Silicone heaters are efficient at heat transfer and designed to tight tolerances, and they can operate in temperatures down to -76°F and up to 446°F.

Silicone heating pads can be manufactured for a wide variety of wattages, amperages, and power densities, for gentle or intense heat. They can be cut to almost any shape, including irregular shapes, three-dimensional shapes, and shapes with holes.

Thermostats can be attached directly to silicone heating pads, temporarily or permanently. Thermal fuses can also be added to prevent overheating if the primary control device fails.

Silicone heating pads can be mounted with straps, snapped or clamped to cylindrical parts, attached with adhesive, temporarily mounted with magnets, or permanently vulcanized to parts in the factory.

Heating Elements: Wire Wound or Etched Foil?

Silicone heating pads are available with two different types of heating element that have different advantages: wire wound or etched foil.

Wire wound pads, which use thin, spaced-out resistance wires wrapped around fiberglass supports, are best for unusually shaped pads. They are durable, and thus well-suited to heaters that will frequently need to be removed and reinstalled. They can be manufactured quickly and cheaply with no tooling, so they are ideal for low-volume projects and prototypes.

Etched foil pads use a chemically etched sheet of foil. They heat more quickly and have an even greater power density and better heat transfer; their heat is more uniform and their operating life longer. However, they are more susceptible to damage from repeated bending. They require a tooling cost up front but have a more heavily automated manufacturing process, making them more cost-effective for high-volume projects.

Common applications for silicone heating pads include:

  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • 3D printing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Food processing and storage
  • Many other industrial uses

If you need a fully licensed Silicon Valley mechanical contractor with over a century of experience, call us at 408-295-2182

Are You In Need Of Exceptional HVAC Repair Services? Here’s What You Should Consider First

The HVAC system plays an essential role in your business’ success. Not only does it regulate temperatures with a keen focus on promoting healthy living but also ensures optimal efficacy levels are reached. As such, you might want to monitor your thermostats and occasionally replace your filters when perceived to be defective. While the idea of repairing or replacing your HVAC unit might sound appealing, it’s imperative to enlist the services of a seasoned HVAC contractor. Not only are they skilled enough to identify and solve a plethora of challenges but also instill a sense of confidence that your heating and cooling system is in safe hands. Before replacing any component on your HVAC unit, here’s what you should consider from the onset.

What You Should Know Before Hiring an HVAC Company

Harness Your Efforts To Analyze Online Reviews

Suffice to say, reliable and exceptional HVAC companies have consistently developed an impeccable reputation for going above and beyond to provide unrivaled services. This basically means that you must consider whether outlaid reviews are positive or negative in nature. Rather than just focusing on the score ratings, pay keen attention to ascertain whether such reviews paint the company in a positive image. If not, you should consider moving on to another company.

Compare Prices And Value In Return

As a business owner managing a substantial project, it’s quite tempting to consider heating and cooling enterprises that offer the cheapest prices for services rendered. However, cheap doesn’t necessarily translate to the best services. Since heating and cooling systems are quite complex and your unit’s durability is highly dependent on the quality of repair services offered, you might want to pay more attention to the subsequent value in return for money spent. With the repair and maintenance of HVAC units widely considered to be a technical industry, it’s in your best interests to hire a seasoned expert that can restore your HVAC unit to its former glory.

Professional Standards

As a rule, reliable experts strive to exude professionalism at all costs. Not only are they friendly and courteous but also exhibit a knack for identifying problems much quicker and prescribing a multitude of solutions to fix it. With a designated and registered corporate office, the company signals that operations remain available to customers and they have every intention of staying operational for decades.

Inquire On Rebates

Rebates essentially refer to discounts offered to customers for substantial finances spent on maintenance services. As an entrepreneur, you might want to inquire on special offers made by the company and divert such finances to alternative uses.

At O.C. McDonald, we have consistently cultivated our reputation to provide unrivaled HVAC repair services to our diverse clientele. With the aid of our seasoned staff, we shall diligently identify any lingering problem plaguing your HVAC unit and offer ideal maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 408-295-2182 and learn how we can help you attain optimal value from your HVAC unit.