What are some signs that your home or other building needs heating repairs?

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During the colder winter months of the year, it is important to have a heater that isn’t going to break down. There is nothing like running into your home on a cold night to only be met with a temperature that is just as cold as it is outside. It is important to understand the signs that your heater may need repair. This can help you avoid a costly replacement of your entire heater later down the line.

Your heating bill is going up

If you are paying too much for your heating bill, this means that your heater is not working efficiently. You may just need to tune up your heater to lower your utility costs. However, there could be some repairs that need to be taken care of. It is important to consult with a heating professional to determine why your heating bill is so high. This could help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in heating bills over the winter months.

Odd noises are coming from your vents

That strange bump that you hear in the night probably isn’t ghosts or intruders. Instead, it could be a sign that your heater is not working properly anymore. It is important to get to the bottom of these clunky, scratchy, or strange noises that are coming from your vents.

It is hard to ever get your home warm enough

If it is hard to get your home warm enough even when you are cranking up your thermostat, you might have some repairs that need to be done on your heater. The thermostat in your home may also need to be upgraded or repaired if you are having this issue.

Your air seems dusty and unclean

Sneezing and coughing is something that just seems to happen during the winter months. However, if this is happening more often in your home, you could have a heater that isn’t filtering particles out of your warm air. If you are noticing that you are coughing and sneezing when you turn the heater on, you should change your heater’s air filter. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it is a good idea to contact a heating professional to see if there are other problems with your heater.

When you notice that your heater might be in need of repair, give 408-295-2182 a call to speak with a heating professional today. They will be able to look at your heater and see if there are any repairs that need to be taken care of.

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