Top 5 Reasons Why Experience Matters in Medical Gas Systems

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In the medical field, any error is highly discouraged as it can lead to immediate death. One of the critical medical areas that require maximum attention and experience is the gas system installation. Medical gas is important to patients in theaters, intensive care unit, life support machines as well as patients in wards with critical conditions. Care in connecting the medical gas system is paramount as any error equals to loss of life. Therefore, it is vital to hire a professional in the field for the following reasons;-

Complexity of medical gas system connection

The medical gas system involves a series of specified medical tools, which should be placed at various points as per the medical needs, for the adequate and controllable flow of the medical gas. For instance, Genesys manifolds, hyperbaric valve outlet kits, conversion kits, and other tools should be appropriately and accurately fitted. Any error in fixation of these kits equals to total failure of the whole medical gas system.


Just like any other gas system, medical gas system leak is dangerous and may be hazardous to the individuals around. Medical gas contains specified compounds, which have particular chemical properties and if they mix with external gas, they may be dangerous. The medical gases should be inhaled in its pure form without any additional gases. This would lead to complications when inhaling and may be of no help. Any technician connecting the medical gas system should have a handful of experience as the poor connection would lead to leakages, which would lead to the above mentioned complications.

Emergency failure

The medical gas is preferred in cases of emergency. Most emergency case patients have complications in breathing hence require medical gas assistance. If the connection is poor, the gas might fail to reach the destined end user leading to the immediate death. The gas is used by medical practitioners when operating on patients in the theater. Supposing the gas system is poorly connected and the gas supply stops, it would lead to the death of the patient in operation despite the doctors’ efforts.

Extra cost of reinstalling the gas system

The installation process is costly. If at any point the original contractor does a shoddy job, re-installation is necessary. Since it is not free, the medical institution undergoes double charge of installing the medical gas system, which would not be incurred if they had used an experienced contractor.

Many cheap and fake contractors lend their services cheaply ending up doing shoddy work. It is advisable to hire an experienced contractor to avoid such issues emanating from poor medical gas system installation.


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