How to tell if my thermostat has low or high voltage?

How to tell if my thermostat has low or high voltage? The two main types of thermostats are line voltage, also known as high voltage, and low voltage. There are several ways to determine which one your thermostat is. Line Voltage Thermostats A line voltage thermostat ranges from 120 to 240 volts. It uses more

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What is the best smart thermostat in the market today?

Energy costs are one of the greatest costs that are involved in owning or operating a home or business. Manually adjusting the thermostat in order to keep the temperature in a comfortable range while simultaneously minimizing the amount of energy spent on heating or cooling can be a difficult balancing act. The purpose of a

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Do You Need Professional Help When Changing a Thermostat?

When you are dealing with problems with your thermostat, it can be a great idea to get professional help. Professionals will have the right tools and skills needed to safely change out your thermostat. There are many benefits to allowing a professional to change out your thermostat. If you try to do it yourself, you

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