How Your Business Can Benefit From a Preventative Maintenance Contract with a Commercial Plumbing Company in San Jose

Instead of worrying about resolving problems after they have occurred, go ahead and choose to have a preventative maintenance contract that will help professionals find small problems before they get worse. You can be sure that minor problems can turn into plumbing emergencies if they are not taken care of right away, so it is always important to find problems as fast as possible. You can have peace of mind when you choose to have a preventative maintenance contract with a professional company that has the experience and know-how needed to keep your plumbing working the way it should.

Water leaks, floods, and sewer backups can destroy your home or business. Everything from your flooring to items that the water touches can be damaged, and you could also have to deal with secondary problems like mold if the issues are not resolved fast enough. Instead of having to be in this type of stressful situation, a preventative maintenance plan can help you to avoid emergencies. Trained professionals will know what to look for to make sure that there are no problems about to occur that can be fixed beforehand. This can help you to go on with your normal daily routine with the knowledge that your plumbing is in good and safe working order.


You Can Trust Plumbing Professionals to Look For:

  • Dripping faucets
  • Clogged drains
  • Leaks around your sink, water heater, basement, or crawlspaces
  • Toilet issues
  • Problems with your main line


Prevent Problems Before They Start

Go ahead and call the professionals before small issues get out of hand. You can feel good about having a preventative contract that will allow expert plumbers to be able to look for common problems that can be resolved fast before they turn into major plumbing concerns that will cost you a lot of money.

You can avoid many problems thanks to preventative maintenance. Imagine how much money you can save by taking care of your plumbing instead of waiting until something happens to call in the professionals. Along with avoiding major issues in the future, you can also enjoy prolonging the life of your plumbing system with preventative care. If you are interested in stopping problems before they start, please call us to take care of all of your plumbing needs at (408) 295-2182

After Hours and Emergency Service Technicians and Plumbers in San Francisco

With over a century of service in San Francisco, we at O. C. McDonald are dedicated to providing all our customers with the best quality technical and plumbing services at a considerable competitive price. Anytime you’re in need of a high-quality plumber in San Francisco, our plumbers and technicians are always ready to help. We know what expertise and dedication mean to our customers and that is why we aim at providing the best quality service.


Providing Excellence for over a Century

We are experts in both commercial and residential plumbing emergencies. Our company is fully licensed to offer mechanical contracting services in San Francisco. Our professional team is knowledgeable and abides by industry standards and local building codes. Expect our experts to be there every time you need them. At O. C. McDonald, we want all our clients to not only receive the best services but also understand every step of what we do and appreciate the experience they have with us.


Exceptional Service Providers

We offer a range of general plumbing and mechanical services for industrial, commercial and residential clients in San Francisco and its surroundings. Here are a few services we provide:

  • Installation and building automation system design
  • Process piping and HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • 3D modeling with BIM coordination
  • Gas fitting
  • Building services
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication

Our experts use the most advanced data analysis and technology to ensure that their work is efficient, and at the same time, cost-effective. Whether your project is new or was existing before, we can offer exceptional field supervision and meet all your building’s code standards and still stay within the proposed budget.

We are located in San Jose and have been known to provide excellent services throughout Silicon Valley. With more than a hundred years of experience, we understand all common, occurring problems in businesses and local homes, as well as the best solutions to them. This has enabled us to work with many corporations, data centers, healthcare, hospitality, education, and government facilities such as Stanford University, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Lockheed Martin.

O.C. McDonald is your number one 24-hour emergency plumbing solution in San Francisco. Call us at (408) 295-2182 today to have all your contracting or plumbing issues solved quickly and efficiently. We will have one of our professionals sent to address your concern in time.

Does Your Facility Have an Emergency Plan for When Systems Go Down?

Whatever your line of business is, you have a variety of systems that help keep things running smoothly: HVAC for cool air in the summer and heat in the winter, plumbing for the bathrooms, electrical systems for lighting, and perhaps even some audio systems for intercoms or music.

When all of these systems are running smoothly, you don’t generally even think about them. You flip switches, adjust temperatures, flush toilets, and go about your day. But what happens when one or more of these systems go down? What if one system has a minor failure, or what if they all have a catastrophic failure at once?

Do you have an emergency plan for that scenario? You should, because at some point, something will happen.


What should your emergency plan contain?

To be fully comprehensive, your emergency plan should be thorough. It should begin with what to do in the event of a minor system failure, detailing the specifics for each system. It should conclude with what to do in the event of catastrophic failure of all systems at once.

It should detail things such as:

  • Whether to send staff home or keep working
  • Who to call for repairs, including names and phone numbers
  • Steps to take to prevent further damage to the system while waiting for repairs
  • If your business has clients or customers, whether to close to the public until repairs are made

There are likely other steps that are specific to your particular company that would also need to be included.

This plan should be in writing, and there should be several copies in several different locations around the property, ensuring that all employees are able to access it and make use of it, in the event of such an emergency.

A critical part of the emergency plan is knowing who to call to get repairs made quickly. You don’t want to have to wait out the weekend, or even a single night, in an emergency.

O.C. McDonald offers emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Include our number in your emergency plan, and no matter the time of day or night, our 24-hour live operator can get you set up with one of our experienced technicians to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Plumbing and Processing Piping Projects for New Construction in the Bay Area

Plumbing and processing piping projects are essential for new constructions. In the Bay Area, these methods are mandated by law and are some of the best ways to dive into the industry. Our professional teams have a wealth of experience with this projects.

Plumbing projects

Every building needs a reliable plumbing system. Between toilets and sinks, plumbing configuration can be tricky if there are multiple outlets in the facility. Our staff knows how to deal with these layouts and the best ways to alleviate confusion. For large scale plumbing projects, we can come to the building and draw sketches of the plumbing sources. On a later day, we will come back and make all the necessary installations. This two stage process is an efficient approach that has lead to certification by national standards. Industrial business owners cannot possibly tackle plumbing projects by themselves. Even with knowledge of the topic, the systems far too complex to manage within a reasonable amount of time. Our professional teams are the best option for small business owners looking to finalize plumbing. You will receive a copy of the ground plan for future reference.

Processing piping projects

Processing piping projects accompany most plumbing systems. When you install both in tandem, you can check the setup for flaws that could have an impact down the road. We use high quality pipes that will not deteriorate or corrode in extreme temperatures. In the Bay Area, many companies have trouble with piping and extraordinary heat. With our products, you don’t have to worry about this factor in your facility. In addition, our pipes are capable of holding immense pressure inside. For laboratories that use high concentrations of fluids, we can solve all your pressure needs in one installation. Processing piping projects can be daunting to a new industrial entity. With a consolidated piping system, you will be able avoid common problems that plague other businesses. Interlaced piping is among the best methods to support a small company looking for stability.

Plumbing and processing piping projects are more complicated than they might seem at first glance. With diligent installation, you can address this issue at the beginning and not have to worry for a very long time. Your buildings will thank you for such stability.

Call us today for all your Bay Area or Silicon Valley Plumbing needs.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Experience Matters in Medical Gas Systems

In the medical field, any error is highly discouraged as it can lead to immediate death. One of the critical medical areas that require maximum attention and experience is the gas system installation. Medical gas is important to patients in theaters, intensive care unit, life support machines as well as patients in wards with critical conditions. Care in connecting the medical gas system is paramount as any error equals to loss of life. Therefore, it is vital to hire a professional in the field for the following reasons;-

Complexity of medical gas system connection

The medical gas system involves a series of specified medical tools, which should be placed at various points as per the medical needs, for the adequate and controllable flow of the medical gas. For instance, Genesys manifolds, hyperbaric valve outlet kits, conversion kits, and other tools should be appropriately and accurately fitted. Any error in fixation of these kits equals to total failure of the whole medical gas system.


Just like any other gas system, medical gas system leak is dangerous and may be hazardous to the individuals around. Medical gas contains specified compounds, which have particular chemical properties and if they mix with external gas, they may be dangerous. The medical gases should be inhaled in its pure form without any additional gases. This would lead to complications when inhaling and may be of no help. Any technician connecting the medical gas system should have a handful of experience as the poor connection would lead to leakages, which would lead to the above mentioned complications.

Emergency failure

The medical gas is preferred in cases of emergency. Most emergency case patients have complications in breathing hence require medical gas assistance. If the connection is poor, the gas might fail to reach the destined end user leading to the immediate death. The gas is used by medical practitioners when operating on patients in the theater. Supposing the gas system is poorly connected and the gas supply stops, it would lead to the death of the patient in operation despite the doctors’ efforts.

Extra cost of reinstalling the gas system

The installation process is costly. If at any point the original contractor does a shoddy job, re-installation is necessary. Since it is not free, the medical institution undergoes double charge of installing the medical gas system, which would not be incurred if they had used an experienced contractor.

Many cheap and fake contractors lend their services cheaply ending up doing shoddy work. It is advisable to hire an experienced contractor to avoid such issues emanating from poor medical gas system installation.


Choosing the Best Industrial Process Piping Company in San Francisco

Business owners and industrial managers who work in processing facilities know how important it is to get their feedstock or product from point A to B. Choosing the best industrial process piping company in San Francisco will require you to look at a few criteria in order to choose the best partner you need for your industrial process piping projects. A reputable company will have a solid reputation in design and installation, knowledge of materials, expertise in providing a wide range of services, and a focus on safety.

Choose a One-Stop Shop

When choosing the right industrial process piping company, you should rely on a service provider who can provide single source design, fabrication, and installation all in one place. This is something that not all industrial process piping companies can do. This factor makes a huge difference when it comes to quality of work you will receive as well as savings that your service provider will pass on to you.

Material Knowledge

Knowledge of process piping materials come in many varieties, so you should choose a company that can create a custom process piping solution for you using these common materials:

– Carbon steel

– Galvanized steel

– Ductile iron

– 304 stainless steel

– 316 stainless steel

– Food grade piping

– Inconels


– Copper

Choosing the right materials is important since the right piping solution will handle various pressures, flow rates, and temperature conditions.

A reputable company will have experience with piping solutions that handle:

– Oil

– Gas

– Compressed air

– Water

– Steam

– Starch lines

– Condensate return

– Heat transfer fluids (Dow and Therminal)

– Chemicals

A Wide Range of Services

The right industrial process piping company in San Francisco will also offer you a wide range of service using technicians who have technical depth and proven expertise. Common jobs they should be able to handle in addition to piping jobs include installation and startup, inspection and services, valve and pump repair, controls and instrumentation, among others.

Safety Compliance

One of the most important criteria for deciding on the best company is determining how much the company focuses on safety. The last thing you want to happen is to hire a company to perform a piping job for you and then a catastrophic safety accident occurs. You can avoid this by hiring a company that has an excellent reputation of focusing on complying with all state and federal safety standards.

Choose Among the Best

When choosing the best industrial process piping company in San Francisco, make sure to choose a company that is a leader in providing the best industrial piping solutions and has years of experience in the industry. By following the tips mentioned here, you will ensure that you are hiring the right company for the job that is experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and safe.

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The 4 Most Important Factors When Hiring a Commercial Plumber for New Construction in San Fransisco

Hiring a commercial plumber to fit all your business needs can take a lot of time and research, especially in a place as big as San Fransisco. These four tips may help you find what you’re looking for a little quicker. Before choosing who you’ll outsource your plumbing jobs to, you should make sure you plumber:

Has Commercial Experience

Finding a plumber who has many years of experience in the commercial field is important for several reasons. First, it eliminates the risk of beginner’s error. Second, you’ll find that an experienced plumber will already know how to handle commercial situations and is used to being an outsource. After you narrow your search down to only experienced plumbers, you should check each one’s reputation. Good reviews mean a lot in the commercial contracting world.

Can Get to Your Sites Quickly and 24 Hours-A-Day

Signing a contract with a plumber who will have a hard time getting to your construction sites can be problematic. So, when searching for your commercial plumber, be sure they are close enough to be able to get to your sites in a reasonable amount of time in case of an emergency. Also, if your site will be under construction or operation after business hours, it’s important to look for a service that has 24 hour responders.

Can Handle Installations and Repairs

It’s one thing to find a plumber who can install hardware and systems, and it’s another to find a plumber who can do commercial repairs. However, in a commercial contract situation, you’ll definitely want a plumbing service that can do both. If not, you may find yourself needing a service your plumber doesn’t offer. Do your homework and research to be sure your potential plumbers have experience in both repairs and installations.

Is Insured and Certified

Going into a contract with a plumber who isn’t insured is a liability for your business. You could wind up with a lot of lost money if he makes a small mistake. Signing on with a plumber who isn’t certified is a risk because they may not be doing their job up to code. An uncertified plumber may not be as experienced as they advertise. It’s smart to outsource to a plumber who is both insured and certified, and it’s even smarter to find a plumber who’s also bonded.

All in all, do your research before hiring a commercial plumber in San Francisco. Be sure to check their certifications, insurance, job abilities, job ratings, and availability to ensure the safest choice for you construction business.

Commercial Plumbing Services for San Jose Businesses

Every business has too many unpredictable problems to count. For most businesses, there is a new problem every day; however, defective plumbing should not be one. In a successful restaurant, not fixing a commercial sink or fridge that breaks down overnight is disastrous when morning comes. Every business owner or manager should have access to commercial plumbing services for fast repairs and maintenance needs.

Plumbing Repairs and Installations

Leaking is the main reason that plumbers walk onto business premises. Water heaters leak along with refrigerators and underground pipes. A small water leak grows larger and causes a flood if left untreated. In addition to flooding, the results are buildups of mold and mildew, permanently stained ceilings and walls made of rotting wood. Gas leaks occur less often but have harsher consequences if the problem is not fixed immediately.

Commercial plumbers install a wide range of fixtures and appliances. For restaurants, gyms and apartment complexes, they install all types of water heaters: gas, electric and tankless. They make brand-new installations to replace old, damaged systems or to increase the building’s energy efficiency. Plumbers also replace damaged sinks, toilets, drains and sewer lines.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Prevent the need for costly repairs when you arrange maintenance services. The plumber only needs to come in for a few hours every year. Set up an annual, recurring appointment so that a reliable plumber shows up without a reminder. Typical services include clearing debris from pipes or drains, replacing worn appliance parts and checking for leaks.

Green Services

In commercial buildings, people use enormous amounts of water and energy, and some businesses are responsible for wasting hundreds of gallons every day. Many business managers are concerned about the environment and want commercial plumbing to reflect their beliefs.

There are some plumbers who install energy-efficient appliances like dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets. Ask the plumbing company if they specialize in staying green as they fix broken pipes and drains.

Commercial plumbers do not just specialize in faulty sinks and toilet repairs. They install brand-new appliances to help companies save energy and money. Small business owners need energy-efficient heaters to save thousands of dollars every year. Industrial business owners need to save money with annual maintenance services. Some plumbers also provide emergency services to fix repairs that cannot wait. Find the San Jose commercial plumbers that are devoted to working for successful business managers and owners.