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Can an AC change the room air pressure?

If an AC system is working properly, any air pressure changes it creates should be brief and transient. The ideal HVAC system functions as a closed-loop. For every cubic foot of air that the AC conditions and pushes into your building, a cubic foot of air is pushed outside through what is known as “return

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Do air conditioners bring in fresh air from outside?

Air conditioning. The hero everyone needs during summer. It’s what provides us with cool air when the temperature is off the charts. However, something that people seem to misunderstand is that air conditioners bring in fresh air from the outside. Here’s what you need to know about how air conditioners function. Does it bring in

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Why are Computer Labs Air Conditioned?

Modern computer labs require special air content that is free of unwanted contaminants. The whirring fans and overly hot processors need air control to a higher degree than what is found in an everyday business setting. For this reason, the machines in a computer lab should have special treatment for their environment. Dust is one

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How Important Is Air Conditioning in San Jose?

For those who live in the San Jose area, you know all too well how hot the temperatures can sometimes rise. While hiding beneath the shade can sometimes offer relief from the baking sun, it doesn’t do much for the actual temperature. One certain method for relief is air conditioning. A business, university, or even

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What Is Industrial Air Handling and Why Is It Important?

Industrial air handlers are used to condition air so that it’s clean and help circulate it properly throughout the building. The devices are essential to keeping the environment cool or warm and maintaining the comfort of industrial workers. Their long-term health and safety depend on the efficiency of these systems. Learn more about the importance

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How Much Can You Expect an Air Conditioner Compressor to Cost?

The home ac compressor unit is one of the integral parts of the central air conditioning system. Installing your compressor is a significant project. The cost of the compressor will also depend on whether you want to install a new one or if you want a replacement. Replacement costs will also consider whether your old

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