O.C. McDonald professional plumbers work regularly on all types of systems through out their day. These systems include medical gas to compressed air systems. Below is a small list of systems that our plumbers specialize in.

    • Fuel oil systems
    • Potable and non-potable water systems (Hot and Cold)
    • Natural gas systems
    • Medical gas systems
    • Oil and Grease waste systems
    • Acid waste systems
    • Double Contained waste systems
    • Compressed air systems
    • Sanitary waste and vent systems
    • Storm drainage systems
    • Recycled water systems

We understand that you depend on your plumbing systems working properly. From design and installation to maintenance and repair, we’ll provide you with meticulous, high-quality service. Throughout the valley, we have a reputation for providing superior workmanship to our customers.

We have a track record of successfully installing and servicing highly complicated systems. In recent years, we’ve worked on large-scale plumbing projects at the Regional Medical Center of San Jose and the Coastal Biology Building for the University of California at Santa Cruz. Our team of professionals are licensed to provide plumbing and sewage services in the state of California.

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