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Moffett Field, California

Unitary Wind Tunnel Upgrades Demolition and installation of Oil and Cooling Water Systems and Make Up Air MUA System functions to provide up to 50,000 SCFM of make up air. Provided process piping, HVAC, mechanical piping, plumbing.

NASA CEV-80 Helium Delivery System

Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel, Ames Research Center, California

“With the help of our team, NASA conducted a very successful set of tests at UPWT. We really appreciate you all hanging in there with us and doing a first rate job installing this system”. -Mike Sturm, Jacobs Engineering

O.C. McDonald Company facilitated in the installation of the Helium Heat Exchanger, distribution piping and supports to the 11’-0″ x 11’-0″ Unitary Wind Tunnel located at the NASA Ames Research Center.

The project required complex coordination and planning to achieve scheduled milestones.

The exhaust gas of the Helium Heat Exchanger required an independent, 80’-0″ tall structure to attach the 30” exhaust flue to. The pressure piping handled helium at 600psi/700°F and was completely insulated.

O.C. McDonald acted as the prime contractor handling mechanical ducting, pressure piping, concrete and structural work. The project was very successful. Jacobs Engineering and NASA with O.C. McDonald Co. and Sprig Electric completed the project on time for NASA to obtain valuable information for the next generation of the space shuttle escape pod.

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