HVAC Project Engineer

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An HVAC project engineer is essential for many modern-day construction projects.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are designed to provide thermal comfort and the at same time acceptable indoor air quality based on the user’s needs.

With our experienced HVAC project engineers on staff at O.C. McDonald we are capable of designing a heating and cooling system that meets your needs. Our HVAC project engineers will assist in developing bids and proposals based upon their knowledge.

As part of the process of developing a bid an HVAC project engineer from O.C. McDonald will:

  • Perform a site evaluation that entails evaluating the existing condition of the building. While doing this, they will determine if any part of the old system can remain. They will also figure out what spaces need to be heated or cooled and if any local building codes apply.
  • Determine the scope of the project by seeing how many furnaces and air conditioners are needed. The HVAC project engineer will also decide the placement and horsepower of the units as well as the type, quantity, size, and location of the ductwork. We will also tell you what other projects like electrical work are needed to make this happen.
  • Provide a cost estimate for all of the work.
  • Also, our HVAC project engineers are capable of overseeing the installation of the systems if needed so.

An HVAC project engineer from O.C. McDonald can also help in the installation of the necessary tools to maintain control over your HVAC system. HVAC control systems can adjust heat, ventilation, and air conditioning within a building or facility. The nerve center for these HVAC systems can also be placed off-site at a central location.

We regularly have HVAC project engineers do work on the buildings for tech giants, educational facilities, defense contractors, and government buildings. Each, has its own unique requirements for HVAC systems. Our area of operations is normally from San Francisco all the way to San Jose. We are capable of building HVAC systems that are unique to your requirements.

Give us a call at 408-295-2182. O.C. McDonald is ready to help you out with any of your HVAC related needs.

Hiring a mechanical engineer for building retrofits, rebuilds, additions, or enhancements is the quickest and surest way to obtain the ideal facilities for supporting your operations. Are you ready to make your workplace more modern, efficient, or compliant? If so, we can help.

Call us today at 408-295-2182.


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