How Will a Building Automation Installation Make Your Building More Efficient?

Perhaps you’ve thought about building automation before and wonder what it can do for you. By incorporating building automation into your place of business, you can streamline your business in several key ways, such as:

  • reduced energy consumption
  • fewer errors
  • time savings

Automation conserves energy by ensuring systems are active at the best possible times. While basic setups may have things like heating and cooling on simple timers, modern automation techniques allow for a host of advanced optimizations. In some cases, this increases a building’s efficiency even beyond its original energy specifications.

One of the biggest cost savings comes from, not only how much, but also the time of day when electricity is consumed. Software-based automation solutions can take advantage of a building’s natural ability to store thermal energy. By using clever balancing acts, they can distribute the demand for electricity further away from peak hours. This saves businesses money and allows power companies to produce more of their electricity from sustainable sources.

The ability to craft precise and detailed automation schedules also helps to prevent mistakes which may interfere with business operations. This could be as simple as detecting and alerting personnel to conflicting energy demands, such as a room being actively heated and cooled at the same time. Or it could be the reassurance of knowing that each room in the building will be comfortable for staff from the moment they show up for work. Or perhaps your business finds itself with unique scenarios when it’s crucial to craft the right environment at the right time. Automation gives your business a powerful means of staying agile and flexible from the ground up.

Automation Empowers Your Building to Work for You

While the immediate difference in energy savings is a crucial benefit of this technology, the benefits go far beyond just that. By implementing automation, you gain another valuable member of your team, who works hard to manage the minutia so that others don’t have to.

This frees your staff to focus on what they do best: tackling the most creative challenges that shape the way you do business. If you’re ready to explore your options, we’re here to help you find the right automation solutions for your business. Give us a call at 408-295-2182 and see what we can do for you!

Hiring a mechanical engineer for building retrofits, rebuilds, additions, or enhancements is the quickest and surest way to obtain the ideal facilities for supporting your operations. Are you ready to make your workplace more modern, efficient, or compliant? If so, we can help.

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