What Kind Of Company Should You Hire For Building Automation?

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There are four primary benefits that necessitate building automation particularly for the institutional, industrial, and commercial buildings. These benefits include reduced energy bills and overall overhead costs, improved indoor air quality, easier equipment maintenance, and smart operation of building systems. Whether you are a business/property owner or a building manager, you cannot afford to ignore these four benefits because of their strong impact on your financial muscle and the efficacy in your facility’s day-to-day operations. That’s without mentioning the adverse implications a poorly done building automation can have on the security of your facility’s mechanical and electrical systems, as well as its occupants. When deciding on the building automation company to entrust with your building, therefore, you will need to do your due diligence and ensure that your company of choice is the best in the business.

How to Tell If a Building Automation Company Is the Best

Always look out for the following.

How Viable And Efficient Is Their Initial Automation Design Concept?

A good building automation company will not only design an automation system that sufficiently covers all the devices in your building but also a design that optimizes the devices’ interoperability. You should be able to tell if your HVAC units, lighting systems, radiators, fire systems, boilers etcetera will be working seamlessly and efficiently right from the initial design. The design should be compliant with the prevailing industry standards and at the same time be reasonably affordable to implement.

How modern is their building automation systems (BAS)?

The automation company that you hire should have the modern BAS technology in order to enhance remote interactions between its software and today’s smart mobile devices. That is the surest way of making automation seamless because your building operators can even work from home. The technology should have the easiest to understand interface, be easily accessible, and be able to compile any relevant data that you can then use to improve your building’s future security and efficacy. The bottom line here: hire a company whose technological advancement allows you to work with a minimal budget as possible.

Is The Company Following the Best IT Practices In Line With Today’s Cybersecurity Concerns?

You should insist on a company that cares about your facility’s pertinent data, and which is dedicated to keeping it safe from cybercriminals. This is with the understanding that if your facility’s data is unsafe, so are its occupants.

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