How Can Local HVAC Companies Make Your Life Easier During Extreme Weather?

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Although rare, there are moments of extreme weather that everyone should be prepared for. Detrimental weather can affect the comfort and temperatures that you feel indoors. Make sure that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are working properly. Learn how local HVAC services can better assist you when a disaster strikes.

Protection Against Strong Winds

Strong hurricane winds can exceed 100mph and toss your outdoor, standalone HVAC system around like a basketball. If you’re concerned about this happening, or it has happened before, have the HVAC company secure your unit firmly in place. Attach this system to the ground or against the wall using heavy nuts and bolts. Upgrade to a heating/cooling unit that is hurricane proof to resist wind and water damages.


Common service is the insulation of ductwork within a home or building. Thermal insulation is necessary to prevent heat from flowing out and being wasted. Your home remains warm and comfortable during a blizzard or cold spell.

Air Conditioning

In some parts of the world, the summer brings extremely hot temperatures. Typical HVAC services are air conditioner installations, repairs, and maintenance. Everyone who lives in an apartment or house can remain comfortable during the hottest season.

An HVAC technician can recommend a variety of cooling units to choose from based on cost, size, type of power used and amount of energy efficiency. Some customers want the most amount of power in a short period of time, while others want to conserve energy by using their A/C as few times as possible.


Indoor air quality affects the comfort of your home just like too hot or too cold temperatures do. Many homes contain hidden hazards like allergens, mold spores or poisonous gases that cannot all be seen by the eye. During a hurricane or tornado, dirt and debris get blown around outdoors. You allow that polluted air to enter the home every time you open a door or window. Ventilation is recommended to remove the particles that may cause health hazards.

As climate changes occur, few people can predict when the next natural disaster will occur. If the power goes out, you could have sweltering temperatures indoors as a result of no air conditioner. Too much ice could freeze the unit that controls the heating. It’s better to be prepared before the problem appears, and call our company at 408-295-2182 to ask about our services.

Hiring a mechanical engineer for building retrofits, rebuilds, additions, or enhancements is the quickest and surest way to obtain the ideal facilities for supporting your operations. Are you ready to make your workplace more modern, efficient, or compliant? If so, we can help.

Call us today at 408-295-2182.


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