Do Facility Managers Have To Manage Energy?

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Facility managers must wear many hats throughout a typical workday. They are largely responsible for the operations of a physical plant, and should have a wide array of industry knowledge. Building engineers and facility managers are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all faculties within their range of influence. But, do they have to manage energy? Let’s take a closer look at some general operations and maintenance functions.

Responsibilities of a Facility Manager

Either directly or indirectly, the facility manager is responsible for virtually every aspect of the building or property under their care. Here are a few aspects that require regular inspection and maintenance by the facility manager:

  • Building controls and HVAC systems
  • Elevators and general safety
  • Plumbing and water systems
  • Parking and outside maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Integrative technologies have made the facility manager’s role a bit easier. Smart building capabilities provide early alerts when something is not quite right. For example, if the building has a preset temperature and it increases or decreases beyond a few degrees, an alarm is activated. This automatic notification can be set as an email or SMS text, as well as a physical alarm within the building.

HVAC Systems

Knowledge of HVAC systems and procedures is crucial for proper facilities management. Routine maintenance such as changing filters and monitoring fluid controls can avoid costly repairs from neglect. Air quality controls are an important aspect, especially for office areas and residential complexes.

Emergency Maintenance and Energy Management

Effective facility managers must be able to think rationally and act quickly in an emergency. Plumbing malfunctions, hazardous spills, and other minor dangers require a confident and adept response. Organization is important during building emergencies. Facility managers should distribute a contact list to essential personnel to save time during an emergency when an on-call professional is needed.

Another important aspect of facility operations is managing energy. The facility manager should be inspecting and monitoring energy efficiency from every aspect possible. They may train staff and residents on various ways to save energy through their daily activities. These efforts reduce energy waste as well as the carbon footprint of the facility. Moreover, utility costs remain manageable when equipment is operating at peak performance. The annual costs savings are impressive.

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