What Are the Benefits of a Silicone Heater?

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Silicone heaters are heating instruments that are most commonly used in residential and commercial projects that require smaller spaces to have direct contact with an industrial heater. Many of these spaces would be difficult to reach with mainstream heaters, but the flexibility of the silicone used to manufacture these units makes them much easier to maneuver.

Silicone heaters are constructed with either etched foil or wiring systems that can rapidly heat up to 350° Celsius, giving them adequate power to quickly heat up surfaces they come into contact with.

Resistance to Chemicals and Moisture

Silicone is considered an elastomer, and it is known to be highly resistant to many dangerous chemicals, as well as the harmful effects that moisture can have on traditional heating systems. This is due to silicone being made of durable polymers that are specifically built to have ultra resistant structures for high levels of protection. With silicone being impervious to chemicals and moisture, it is the perfect material for an effective transportable heating unit.

Temperatures Elevate at Exceptionally High Speeds

The thin construction associated with flexible silicone heaters allows the material to heat up incredibly quickly. Both etched foils and etched wires end up creating the perfect environment for a speedy conduction process. This aids in the efficiency of silicone rubber heaters, allowing them to complete projects that they are used for in record time. Since silicone is inherently heat-resistant, quickly reaching these high temperatures should pose no risk for the heating unit itself.

Easily Transported from Place to Place

On average, silicone weighs a little over 2.5 grams per cubic centimeter. This lightweight feel allows silicone heaters to be transported in a user-friendly manner. Larger heating units such as drum heaters are often big enough to hold over 50 gallons, making them quite a hassle to transfer from one work space to the next. Silicone heaters are not just lightweight, but they are also known for their flexibility which makes them much easier to store for future use.

If you find yourself in a position where a durable heater is needed for hard-to-reach spaces, a silicone rubber heater has the perfect specifications to get the job done. It is no longer necessary to haul around heavy heating units that may be too bulky to get the job done with the availability of silicone heating technology. Investing in silicone rubber heaters will give you the satisfaction of a high-performance result in a sensible amount of time. Call us today at 408-295-2182.

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