The Benefits of Packaged Rooftop HVAC Units

Packaged rooftop HVAC units provide benefits over other types of heating and cooling equipment. A rooftop HVAC unit is a packaged, rather than split, system. In a more traditional split system, the heating and cooling are housed separately, with an outdoor and indoor set of components. In a packaged rooftop unit the entire system is located together, on the rooftop.

Advantages of an HVAC Rooftop System

  • Ease of Maintenance. Rooftop units are easy to access and convenient to work on. Because of the location, maintenance technicians will not disrupt the day to day business of your facility when servicing the unit.
  • Improved Air Quality. A rooftop unit offers a wider range of ventilation options than a traditional split system. This ensures your business has excellent air circulation no matter what the season.
  • Excellent Performance. Rooftop units allow you to have a greater degree of control than split systems. This means keeping your building comfortable is not only convenient but also affordable.
  • Quiet. Rooftop HVAC systems are not quiet, they can be quite loud. However, their location means that the noise is not noticeable inside the building. A comparable split unit would be disruptively noisy.
  • Flexibility. Rooftop HVAC systems are designed to be modular. This makes additions easy to manage if you expand or redesign the working space of your building. It is also easy to maintain different temperature zones in different areas of the building when using rooftop HVAC systems.
  • Compact. Having the entire HVAC system on the roof is a great opportunity to save valuable real estate for your business. The room that would be required to house the indoor portion of a split system can be used for storage or other needs.
  • Security. A ground-level HVAC system is vulnerable to vandalism. There are valuable components in HVAC units, and if the system is easily accessible you may show up one day to find the unit stripped of wiring or other pieces that have value on the resale market.

As you can see, a rooftop HVAC system provides many benefits. You can get a unit that runs on natural gas or electricity, and have components such as humidistats added that improve air quality. If you are in the market for a new HVAC system get in touch with us to discuss rooftop options today at 408-295-2182.

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