Is the Cost of an AC Compressor Worth the Benefits?

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Air conditioning units, when cared for properly, can last a long time. As with any type of appliance, though, parts will wear out as the unit ages. In most cases, it’s cost effective to replace the parts and get the AC unit going again.

However, when the compressor becomes the culprit, it’s a whole different game altogether. Some of the most common signs that your compressor has gone out include:

  • Loud noises coming from the compressor unit
  • Consistently blowing warmer air, when it should be cold
  • Compressor overheats

The compressor is considered the most expensive part to replace. Add to that the labor of replacing it and you can have a costly repair job on your hands. Is it really worth installing a new compressor or should you just buy a whole new unit instead? Let’s take a look at which one offers the most benefit for your situation and which one is the more cost-effective solution.

Replacing compressor vs replacing a whole new system

If they still cover the unit under a warranty, then there could be no charge for the compressor. You would only have to pay for the labor charges of having the new one installed. The benefits of getting your AC system up and running again, at that price, would be well worth installing a new one. If they cover the compressor then more than likely it’s not too old, so replacing it wouldn’t be a bad idea in this case.

However, if it isn’t covered under any warranty, the cost of replacing the compressor is only a little under the price of a whole new AC unit. If you have an older system, it’s not advisable to replace the compressor without replacing the indoor evaporator as the old part and the new part would end up working against each other, causing more problems and taking more money for repairs. Plus, you may not receive a warranty for the new compressor if it’s working with an older evaporator. In that case, look into a new unit instead. There are so many options out there that could end up saving you money in the long run.

If you find yourself in the position of needing to replace a compressor, call us at 408-295-2182 at any time of day. We’ll be glad to assess your situation and offer professional advice on the best action to take on your situation.

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