Installation of Process Piping With Replacement, Refurbish or Redesign for Healthcare Facilities

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Installation of Process Piping for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities require a great deal of specialty equipment and systems. One of these is the process piping systems that are distinct from the systems that cover the normal HVAC, electrical and plumbing found in buildings. The process piping systems for healthcare facilities may transport a large number of medical gases throughout the building or evacuate dust and particles from the environment.


Replacing any or all of the process piping within a healthcare facility is extremely detailed work which is highly regulated by local, state and federal regulations. Though it may be a simpler task to replace the piping compared to installing a new system, the necessary attention to details remains. In addition to the simple addition of pipe, such things as joint welding, tie-ins and proper placement for each gas must be considered. Each of these make this a complicated task that requires contracting with one of the firms specializing in the field.


In some cases, it may be safe and more economical to refurbish existing pipe instead of replacing it. This is done when there is a specific leak or other relatively minor issues that can be corrected by installing an epoxy lining or applying an external patch. As with any work on the process piping and its system, it is vital to have qualified professional do the work in compliance with standards.


When a full redesign is in order, there is usually a repurpose of areas or a redesign of the whole structure. Repurposing areas that were offices into patient care or laboratory areas requires a redesign of the original system to include the new areas. Facilities that are subject to new regulations or that were found to be lacking in specific areas may have to redesign the system to accommodate the new requirements. In both of these cases, a qualified, engineering firm will be required.

Process piping systems found in healthcare facilities provide medical gasses or remove dust and gasses from the environment. These are closed systems that have a great deal of complicated, intricate requirements to make sure that patient care is at its optimum. Considering proposals from several referenced contractors in the field will provide information and help control costs.

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