How Does Home Automation Air Conditioning Work?

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Home automation is found in what are called smart homes. This type of home has a series of complex, automated systems that control all of the electrical and HVAC systems. This includes your air conditioning so you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off. Learn more about how home automation air conditioning works along with its features and benefits.

How Does Home Automation Air Conditioning Work?

A home-automated air conditioning system is interconnected to a centralized system within the house. A central console allows you to control different temperatures in different rooms. You control the dates and times that the A/C turns on and off. You can install more than one central console for easy access in any room.

In addition, a home automated system can be linked to one or several mobile devices. Control the heating and cooling unit from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or from a website. Decide which rooms should be cooler or warmer than the others and at which times of the day. Use the zoning system to change the comfort levels in different parts of the same room.

Features of Automated Air Conditioners

The main feature of the automated A/C system is the central interface. Control your home’s lighting, electricity and HVAC systems from any remote location. The “smart” home is capable of thinking for itself and performing all of the functions on its own.

A smart A/C system includes motion detection sensors that respond to environmental stimuli. Some smart air conditioners turn on or off when prompted by certain functions, such as the light switching on or the door closing. The point is to sense when the room is occupied to increase the home’s energy efficiency and reduce wastage.

Another less common feature includes smart vents or windows that open or close automatically. If you’re in another building and notice that the A/C is running in your home, command the windows to close automatically. Close the vents if the temperature cools and you want to preserve the warmth in a room.

Have a Professional Get You Started

Homeowners are taking advantage of technology that seems available only to high-tech businesses. However, regular people are seeing the advantages that automation has in reducing energy usage and saving them money. Call our company today at 408-295-2182 and learn how much smart home air conditioning will help your home.

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