Data Center

How big of a deal is data center cooling?

The largest data centers on the planet can house upwards of 12,000 server racks that require 100 megawatts of power each. Almost half of that power pull is due to cooling. Large or small, data centers require cooling systems that keep equipment functional and data secure. Temperatures that exceed 77-degrees Fahrenheit can be detrimental to

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Apple – Newark Data Facility

NEWARK, CALIFORNIA• 36,000 Sq. ft. server facility Phase 1 and Phase 2• 4600 tons cooling• 5 Cooling Towers with water storage totaling 320,000 gal.• 1 Chilled Water storage tank for 100,000 gal.• Electrical equipment to provide 1.6 MW, N+1 redundancy• Providing process piping, HVAC, mechanical piping and plumbing. Photo Credit: lookcatalog

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